JACKAL: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Mysteries) – Free eBook!

JACKAL: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Mysteries)
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: JACKAL: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Mysteries)
Working as a maid at a luxury hotel on the Vegas strip, Jessica finds a naked man unconscious in a bathtub with a note to call 911. That’s when the fun begins… Take a trip to Vegas that you’ll never forget. With only an old photograph to go on, Jessica James is sent on a mission by her dying mother to find a washed-up magician called the Mesmerizer. Along the way, Jessica gets way more than she bargained for when she stumbles into a black market organ ring and learns secrets about her mother that will change her own life forever.Grab your copy from master of suspense, award winning author, Kelly Oliver. Jessica is shocked by her mother’s “deathbed” confession that the man Jessica thought was her father is not. Her biological father is some magician dude that passed through Whitefish twenty-five years ago. Why does Jessica’s mother insist on seeing him again? How far will Jessica go to find him and bring him back?Jessica arrives in Las Vegas penniless and with nowhere to turn. She tracks down an old high school friend, MacKenzie, and crashes on her couch. But MacKenzie “Kennie” Czarnowski is not what she seems. And the price of a place to sleep may cost Jessica everything. Jessica learns the hard way that in Vegas, the stakes are high and everyone is an illusionist.With wit and grit, Jessica and her posse take on the seamy underbelly of Vegas. Dauntless, determined, and awkwardly endearing, Jessica James continues to delight readers.Once JACKAL gets its hooks into you, you won’t be able to put it down.Kelly Oliver knows how to get your heart pounding!Crackles with energy… Jessica remains an instantly likable protagonist…fast-paced and engaging.—Kirkus ReviewsGrab the reins and hang on tight for another wild and crazy ride with cowgirl philosopher Jessica James as she makes her way through the sleazy glitz of Las Vegas where everybody’s packing heat and corruption is business-as-usual. Nobody tops Kelly Oliver for delivering fast-paced narrative, quirky characters, and a plot as twisty as a bucking bronco–all of this leavened with Oliver’s trademark wry humor.–Caroline Taylor, author of Loose Ends and The TypistVegas is the perfect setting for this intriguing and entertaining thriller where every character is a master of illusion. The novel begins with Oliver’s dogged and witty protagonist, Jessica James, on a quest to find her birth father, a magician that has performed a seemingly permanent disappearing act. She enlists the help of an old friend, whose Facebook profile proves a cover for a dangerous job that soon threatens everyone around her. Oliver knows how to keep ratcheting up the stakes until the reader feels like they have their own mortgage riding on the roulette wheel.  –Cate Holahan, USA Today best selling author of The Widower’s Wife.Great cast of characters. A smart and sexy high stakes trip to Las Vegas.—Tracee de Hahn, author of Swiss Vendetta

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JACKAL: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Mysteries) - Free eBook!

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Posted on May 18, 2019

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