Katelyn Skye’s Four Series Collection: True Lovers, Love Affair – Free Today!

Katelyn Skye's Four Series Collection: True Lovers, Love Affair
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Katelyn Skye’s Four Series Collection: True Lovers, Love Affair, Give Me More, Tender Lovers
This Volume collects for the first time Katelyn Skye’s 4 bestselling series: True Lovers, Love Affair, Give Me More & Tender Lovers.True Lovers:Rianne and Gabriel have not seen each other in many years. While Rianne always held Gabe as the perfect man, he spent the years overseas serving in the military and trying to forget her. Though they maintained contact through phone calls and letters, it is not until now, that he might have returned for good, that they dare act on their feelings. Gabriel spends his leave reacquainting himself with Rianne who is convinced that nothing serious could come from their newfound desire despite having the most passionate and intense sex in her life. Rianne is in for a surprise when Gabriel’s plan to become a permanent fixture in her life is revealed. Love Affair:Emily O’Hara has always been overshadowed by her glamorous and demanding step-sister Kristen, and that is never more true than on Kirsten’s wedding day. When Emily meets the kind and ruggedly sexy groom, Walter, she can only dream that he might be interested in her. But when Kristen cruelly fails to walk down the aisle of her own wedding, Walter’s heart is broken, and Emily finally sees the chance to make him understand Kristen’s true character. Walter takes Emily for one night of sensual passion, and she thinks all her dreams have come true. But is Walter’s love for Emily going to give her all the passion she’s ever dreamed of? Or is he simply using her in the aftermath of his broken wedding?Give Me More:Olivia is in a dire situation, despite working up the strength to leave her emotionally manipulative boyfriend David, the effects of his psychological abuse is even harder to overcome. She decides to return to her old hometown which rouses an unexpected but exciting revival of her childhood friends—the Alcott brothers. Although Peter is the brother that Olivia was closest with, her memories of a steamy one-night tryst with eldest brother Andrew are not easily laid to rest. Will Olivia sacrifice her close relationship with Peter for a chance of intimacy with Andrew? And will the brothers be able to break through the emotional wall left her ex-boyfriend and entice Olivia to open up to them? Tender Lovers:Attorney Alexis Stuart has never had time for fun, or love. Her career has always been enough. When she decides to take a summer between jobs to return to her oldest love, horses, she expects to end up in a barn, not in bed with her boss. Travis Allen seduces Alexis with his modern cowboy charm, bringing to the surface some of her most secret wishes and desires. Once her fiery passions have been rekindled, she’ll face decisions not only about her career path, but also the path of her heart. Will Alexis finally find the true path of her life, or will she choose to run away and forget the deep passions brewing inside her, the ones that only Travis can bring to life? This collection is a contemporary romance featuring searing and graphic depictions of romantic activity.

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Katelyn Skye's Four Series Collection: True Lovers, Love Affair - Free Today!

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Posted on May 18, 2019

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