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“I wouldn’t leave you.”“How can you say that when you were so close to leaving just a second ago?” Aqueela is a dreamer and comedian at heart. Her bucket list includes getting arrested; she’s a proud owner of a ribbon hat, and a self-confessed bubblegum ice cream fanatic. Born with a witty tongue and ridiculous spunk, she always manages to worm her way out of any situation.Enter Jay, a guy who is everything Aqueela isn’t.Abandoned twice and lived most of his life from the wrong side of the tracks, Jay’s past does outline a bad picture. He’s self-critical and pessimistic by nature, but contrary to popular belief, he’s never been one to enjoy making people miserable. A rebel with a heart.He thinks friends are overrated. She wears her weirdness like a badge of honor. But no matter how much they try, hilarious circumstances —including a brief stint in jail— find a way to pull them into each other’s wonderful world of chaos. Needless to say, Aqueela’s charm, unique voice, and droll humor soon find its way to Jay . . . and to his heart.Jay imminently transforms from being the guy who wants nothing to do with her to being the only one who wants to give her what she wants. Even if that doesn’t include him. Dive down the rabbit hole and join Aqueela and Jay in this absolute must-read about adventures that are bound to leave you laughing and make you fall in love. Grab a copy now!

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Pause - Free Today!

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Giveaway: Ellie &amp

Posted on May 18, 2019

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