Alex Sterling and the Changers’ Revenge – Free Today!

Alex Sterling and the Changers' Revenge
Today’s Free Kindle eBook: Alex Sterling and the Changers’ Revenge
After making a rash decision that put others in grave danger, Alex soon realises his desire for vengeance against the False King and the Sorceress will have to take second place to his need to survive. Notwithstanding the shocking events he witnessed before he made his choice, he needs to control his grief and regret in order to prove he is worthy of those who are willing to risk their lives to protect him.As he embarks on his quest to bring about the downfall of his enemies, he learns more about what happened to his family and other astonishing truths are revealed to him.Irrespective of whether Alex’s presence and identity can remain a secret, will he be prepared to accept the sacrifices he or others may have to make in order to restore peace to Thrednor and the surrounding Kingdoms?

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Alex Sterling and the Changers' Revenge - Free Today!

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